reaction#1 - il
what my vision/version of goodship is (and its becoming more and more clear to me) is a kind of a scale-free network of self-linked self-sustained communities. its a kind of a social network, a business model, (a political agent?). maybe thats stretching it, but perhaps not.

i guess i have a very cellular view of goodship. not only in the sense of localizability of its array of communities (cells), or in the general sense of division or categorization, or its disparate projects, but more importantly it's that we wish them to interact. we have groups, strongly linked groups, and i think goodship is the hub for these groups to form loose links, to cross paths and interact. naturally these things happen. esp with folks acquiring a taste for a more interdisciplinary worldviews, or even just academic views. but i think goodship wants to speed up this "natural" process.

i think of it as cellular in a biological sense also. its a living thing. and with living comes changes. from the beginning, i think, you've been stressign that point. that you want it to always be changing. and that doesnt imply that there's no focus here. i think the focus is to move things. have the network move its links.

a better way of globalizing, i suppose, or exploiting/exploring. spreading out as an undercurrent. hopefully. we dont want to be above water do we? lest we claim an identity for ourselves.

kolakowski said, "philosophers neither sow nor harvest, they only move the soil." i think thats what we are doing here. we don't want to contrive anything or be an additive system, but we do want to affect things and knudge people to plant and collect. i'd like to see it as a medium for people to be a creative source and sink, use each others resources and make friends and hopefully not enemies and not letting it consume you and of course make some money. i agree with you that goodship is utopian, at least in part, but i think only utopians can really "move the soil."